Our preschool classrooms are clean, spacious and adequately stocked with materials and carefully chosen staff to facilitate your child's imagination and natural desire to learn


 Programming is geared toward
activities adapted to each child's
age interests and needs


"NCETC was the best decision for my children. They both received a strong start in their education. The teachers and therapists showed great encouragement in their skill growth progression. My children are now flourishing in school thanks to the start they received at NCETC."

-Melissa Loor 


"Niagara Children's is more than a school; they are part of our extended family. Niagara Children's helped achieve the goals of our child."     

-Sean O'Laughlin

Educational Services

Niagara Children's Education and Treatment Center (NCETC) is a New York State Educational Department educational center within the larger organization; Niagara Cerebral Palsy. NCETC is especially for children ages birth through five who have speech and language delays and/or other learning or physical disabilities. Preschool aged children without disabilities can attend for a small monthly fee.

Our licensed and certified staff provide evaluations, preschool classes, and therapy services to facilitate a successful pathway towards your child's kindergarten year.

Evaluations can help to answer your questions about your child's development such as:

  • Should my child be walking by now?

  • Should I be able to understand what my child is saying to me?

  • How many words should my child know?

  • When should my child learn to share with other children?

An evaluation at NCETC will summarize your child's current developmental status in areas of speech, hearing, learning, social and emotional development, and motor skill development. Our professional and experienced staff will meet with you and your child in the setting where you believe your child will feel most comfortable and secure. You will be part of the discussion with the professional staff following the evaluation and outlining your child's strengths and needs.

Evaluations are typically provided at no cost to families.

Preschool Educational Program:

      • We have more than sixty years of experience providing services to children with developmental disabilities

      • You will find children with and without intellectual disabilities, and a place where each child is seen as an individual

      • Through child directed play your child will experience activities adapted to their age, interests and needs that promote kindergarten readiness

      • We have an indoor gym and sensory room and three outdoor areas for our children to explore

      • Occupational, physical, and speech therapies are available to those who need it

      Can I enroll my children even though they do not have disabilities?

      Yes! NCETC blends the best practices of many early childhood curriculum programs into one which we believe benefits all children.


      NCP's Sherri Kaminski and Jennifer Lane, demonstrate and discuss different equipment the

      students use during occupational therapy sessions on NCP's TV show "Beyond Barriers"


        Call us for a tour and details at 716) 297-1478 ext. 162 or contact us by fax at (716) 205-0044!

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